Newtasty is: Illustration and design by Steve Baker aka Stevie Copter.
For 10 years Stevie shared a space with Fused Magazine and now spends his time divided between his studio in Birmingham UK and his second home in Brazil.

Clients include: Mattel, Virgin, BBC, Capcom, X-Box, Levi’s, Spinach Japan, Dazed & Confused, Esquire, Sega, Magma Books, Graniph, Nokia, Lascivious, Disney, Channel 4 and many others.

Awards: Contributed to various award winning projects including the 2003 CIPD Design Awards for Codemasters and the 2009 Roses Design and Leipzig Awards with Fluid Design for Sega.

At the weekend: Stevie used to spread his time between managing ColdRice (legendary Birmingham underground music events and record label) and playing in rock n’ soul band Copter, now he just spends his time wishing he was Black Mekon.